The Cactus Lover

The cactus lover

If Holger Dopp could be a cactus, he would transform himself into a Carnegia gigantea. This is the largest cactus in the world, towering as tall as a house and with columns up to a metre thick. No cowboy from Arizona rides towards the setting sun without a columnar cactus in the background. Holger Dopp, on the other hand, is of medium height, his round, friendly face with a moustache is covered by a straw hat and his belly bulges out from under his blue chequered shirt and functional waistcoat with its many pockets. His feet are in green rubber slippers. If he were a gigantea, at 80 years of age, he would be starting to blossom. He would still have a few hundred years to live; the saguaro, as the columnar cactus is also popularly known, can live for over 300 years. "Then I wouldn't have to part with my cactus collection so soon," sighs Holger Dopp... 

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f Lotto Bayern