Radically sustainable

Felix Schneider from "Etz" in Nuremberg holds two Michelin stars. He specialises in regional, sustainable and mindful cuisine. (Almost) everything is from his own production. From ham and butter to soya sauce and miso. A visit to someone who wastes nothing. 

Felix vacillates between anger and despair. Slugs have attacked the tomatoes and melons, blight has destroyed almost all the courgettes during the days of rain. He wipes the sweat from his stubbly head, squints into the sun and smiles again.

"I want to understand everything that has to do with my raw materials. To do that, I have to garden myself. What does a beet or a pea need to develop its full flavour? How crunchy can romaine lettuce be? What power does wild dill have?" He is driven by questions like these....

published by Bavaria Travel