Finger Wrestling

Middle Finger Fighters

.....It only takes one second for both of their faces to be contorted and glowing red from the immense effort. Both men are driving their knees into the padded table edge, trying to gain leverage.

Two seconds. Utzschneider braces his free hand against the table leg. Brandhofer sprawls out flat on his stool, his legs outstretched.

Three seconds. Seated behind the two fighters are what are known as catchers. Any second now one of the two hook fighters is going to let go of the loop and come crashing backward with tremendous force and it’s up to the catchers to break their fall.

Four seconds. Brandhofer Joe has been pulled out of his seat and is laying halfway across the table. He’s now dangerously close to his opponent’s table edge, barely hanging on.

Five seconds. He’s holding on with all his might, like he’d rather lose an arm than allow someone from Werdenfels to beat him. This is it: the moment of truth.

The rules of the game are simple......

published in the magazine “Bayern” and here