Beautiful Illusions

Beautiful illusions

Those who embark on the "Revue of Illusions" experience things that are almost too crazy to be true.

Ghosts moan in the ghost train. Balloons float in front of a velvety blue sky, fairground noises of screeching, rattling and squeaking mingle with the screams of the ride's bumper cars. "Come, be amazed, you've never experienced anything like this before!" they entice. Utz, utz, utz, techno music booms out of the huge metal booth of the Höllenblitz.

The "Revue of Illusions" crouches next to it. Hundreds of light bulbs illuminate an old-fashioned painting on the front of the theatre: there is a mufti with a turban, a head in a glass bottle, dragons and mermaids. On a good day, curious passers-by are lured into the show behind the colourful façade. Outrageous things are promised: A lady without an abdomen, another without a head....

published in a black and white version here: Schwarzweiß Magazin, Text und Fotografie Angelika Jakob