A German entrepreneur in Catania

The German Sicilian

Walter Ansorge was kidnapped by the mafia when he was 17. Today, the German is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Sicily. And is no longer intimidated.

Walter Ansorge is a man who stands out. Because he is taller than most of the people here, and because of the wide link chains that his wrists flash and glitter. Diamants and white gold. His father had given the bracelets to his mother,before the Cosa Nostra destroyed her life. "I love my parents
parents, and so I am always connected to them," he says.

Even today, decades after their deaths. What do others think of his jewellery? He doesn't care.
Ansorge gets into his Porsche Cayenne and sits in the back seat.

While Francesco Iannicelli, his production manager, drives, he writes a few emails on the iPad on his lap, buys a tonne of pineapple essence from Venezuela online.Then he reveals the unwritten laws that apply here in Sicily:
Changing suppliers for a few cents less is not an option. Only regular customers get the best
goods. Of course there are negotiations, but they have to follow a theatrical ritual: A few words in the Sicilian dialect are thrown in, you are allowed to swear and get loud. But never insultingly, then the game is over.
'Walter Ansorge smiles. 'II Tedescu, the German, is what I used to be called. Now they call me 'Waltere'."
(published in brand eins)